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Nordic Folkboat

The Nordic Folkboat was designed as a clinker built wooden sloop in 1942 by the Scandinavian Yacht Racing Union (SYRU), renamed in our days to Nordic Sailing Federation (NoSF).

The first Nordic Folkboat was built in Göteborg in Sweden. In the late 1960ies, a GRP version was design licensed to a few boat builders.

And up to 2022 - more than 4000 Nordic Folkboats have been built.

Key dimensions are:

Length (LOA): 7.68 m (max)
Length on waterline: 6.00 m 
Beam: 2.20 m 
Sail area: 24.00 m² 
Weight: (min) 1930 kg

The Folkboat is popular as both a racing yacht as well as a cruising yacht - especially in the Baltic Sea area despite its small interior size and lack of a "head".