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The N F I A  is the head organisation of all national Nordic Folkboat Associations, their members and all folkboaters in general - worldwide.

The pages provide you with the key information data regarding the boat, the class, the organisations and the major events of our class.

If there are subjects you need more details about please do not hesitate to contact us.

Latest news:

Gold Cup News

Details for 2015 Gold Cup in Warnemuende / Germany and first infos for 2016 GC in Helsinki / Finland; more ... .

Cowes Week 2015

Details for the event in the UK have been published:
CCW_Newsletter_1505.pdf 1.06 MB

Test phase for Rod Kicker

3 boats - one of each representing Denmark, Germany and Sweden - will be equipped with a rod kicker in order test it during the 2015 season. An exceptional permission issued by SYRU is available, because a rod kicker does not comply with the actual Class Rules.

The 3 boats are F DEN 1007 (Bjarne Marcussen), F GER 564 (Sönke Durst) and F SWE 1290 (Hans Torlén).

San Francisco Cup 2015

NoR is available. Please follow up in the section "International Events" - "San Francisco Cup".

Class Rule clarification: 10.10

Please follow up the edition 2015 of the Class Rules in the respective section.

Danish and German Championships - both become 'open'-status

Both Denmark and Germany have decided to open their National Championships for international participation, starting with the 2015 season.
The first championship in Denmark to receive this new status as "open" will be held in Hejlsminde south of Kolding, arranged by Kolding Sejlklub. The date is already set for July 7-11.
The first 'open' in Germany will be arranged by Schlei Segel Club from August 16 to 21.

Questionaire on Class Rule changes

A questionaire with ideas of potential CR changes is set up and made available to you. Please follow up in section "Class Rules".

Measurement Certificates

In particular when boats change owners AND countries as well, certain important aspects have to be followed up.

We have issued a guideline in this respect which you will find in the section "Class Rules".